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🔥Thinkdiag with OLD Bootloader for sell🔥In stock and EU Shipping🔥

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THINKDIAG with OLD bootloader (1.23.004) can be activated on Diagzone to FULL PRO3S Diagnostic (with Online functions)!!!
For discounts PM!!!
All connectors are tested before shipping (you get pictures of bootloader, manufacturing date and S/N number), work 100% and have old bootloader 1.23.004 which is required to have brands from Diagzone and FULL PRO3S Diagnostic!!!
Price for one THINKDIAG connector without software..



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    • От NinJaOBD
      Nice day , Everyone
      I'm Jay , a sales manager from China
      We manufacture all kinds of Auto diagnostic tools .
      I believe that our high-quality products and very competitive prices can bring you better business
      if you are interested please contact me
      launch x431 V  8''     660 usd
      Tinkdiag old boot     108 usd
      Golo new and Used 
      C4 SD  (car + truck) 305 usd        C3 star (car + truck)   190 usd
      ds150e (cdp+) bluetooth 
      Lexia C full chip      50 usd
      Skype : 1225868855@qq.com
      whatsApp : +86 189 2535 2116
    • От Hajimemashoo
      i sell Thinkdiag 4.0 with best price for all. i can ship to any where on the world
      price 115 $ / 1 pcs if buy more than 5 pcs please PM for me.
      thank you!

      */ /*